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A global awards program honoring the art of architectural imagery and those that bring it to life.

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Featured Architizer Winners and Commended Entries: "Shanty Stack" by Arnaud Imobersteg; "Vortex" by Endri Marku; "Sunset Love" by Mark Eszlari; "A Glimpse of Heaven" by Jean-Claude Ardila; "Octavia – Suspended City" by Thomas Schaller; "Architecture and Nature Aligned" by Alex Nye. Top image: "Poles and Umbrellas" by HISM Studio.

Celebrating the world's best creators of architectural images.

Creating exceptional architecture is a team effort. It takes a wide array of professionals to help conceive a project, convince a client of its value, and communicate its essence once it is complete. Architizer's Vision Awards is dedicated to the talented studios and individuals that enable the world to envision amazing architecture through photography, drawings, renderings, video and more.

This program also seeks to honor theoretical works that might never result in a built project, but deserve recognition for the inspiration they spark. From fantastical renderings to intricate drawings, conceptual works tell powerful stories about architecture and form a creative catalyst for the profession.

The Vision Awards offers a range of accolades for firms, individuals and students. If you possess a passion for visualizing our built environment, you could win a 2023 Vision Award.

Award Categories

The Vision Categories celebrate every aspect of architectural representation, from early sketches and conceptual renderings to photographs of a built project, as well as awards for physical models. In addition, the Creator Categories honor the individual achievements of talented creators across every discipline listed above, forming a definitive "who's who" of visionaries for the AEC industry. Award categories will include:

Vision Categories

Best Architectural Photograph
(4 categories: Exterior, Interior, Urban, Landscape)

Best Architectural Visualization
(3 categories: Photorealistic, Illustrative/Artistic, AI-Generated)

Best Architectural Drawing
(2 categories: Hand-drawn, Computer-aided)

Best Architectural Video
(2 categories: Long-form, Short-form)

Best Architecture Model
(Special category for physical models)

Creator Categories

Architectural Photographer of the Year
(Portfolio award for studios and professionals)

Architectural Visualizer of the Year
(Portfolio award for studios and professionals)

Architectural Videographer of the Year
(Portfolio award for studios and professionals)

Architect Creator of the Year
(Mixed media portfolio award for professionals)

Student Creator of the Year
(Mixed media portfolio award for students) 

There will be three awards provided in each of the above Vision categories: One each for firms, individuals and students. A further top prize winner will be selected within each Creator category. This means there are more than 40 top prizes up for grabs, providing ample opportunity for recognition.

See your work published in a stunning anthology of architectural imagery.

The Vision Awards provides a unique opportunity to see your work published in print alongside many of the world's best architectural photographers, visualizers, artists and illustrators working today. The limited edition "Visions of Architecture" anthology will form an essential guide to architectural representation for design professionals around the globe. Meanwhile, winners in the film categories will have their videos and animations premiered in Architizer's Architecture Film Fest, a unique online event to be held in the Fall of 2023.

Each winning entrant will receive a complimentary copy of the Visions of Architecture anthology to add to their bookshelf, desk or portfolio. Winners will also receive:

  • Inclusion in the Official Winners' Gallery, Winners' Announcement and custom coverage on, shared with hundreds of thousands of readers via our newsletter.
  • Digital Winners' Certificate, badges and other custom assets to promote and celebrate your achievement on your website, emails and social channels.
  • Social Media Spotlight alongside other prestigious Vision Awards Winners, including publication on Architizer's Facebook (1.8M followers), Twitter (1.2M) and Instagram (1.5M).
  • Unique opportunities to get your work in front of media outlets, architectural thought leaders and renowned industry tastemakers on our stellar jury.



Featured Architizer Winners and Commended Entries: “Up In The Air” by Vittorio Bonapace; “Up” by Thomas Schaller; “Golden Gait” by Michelle Simmons; “REMEMBRANCE” by Zoe Russian Moreno; "A Glimpse of Heaven" by Jean-Claude Ardila.

"To win such an influential and internationally recognized competition is, undoubtedly, the most important and memorable achievement during my career as a photographer so far." Venla Rautajoki, Winner of Architizer's One Photo Challenge
"It’s an honor to conclude my time as a student with this accolade, enabling me to share my thesis with a global architecture community." Victoria Wong, Student Winner of Architizer's One Drawing Challenge
“As architectural photographers, we need to have that "glory shot" that makes people want to look more, and more, and more.” Ema Peter, A+Award-winning Architectural Photographer

Join an influential network of creative collaborators.

Winners and Commended Entrants will gain access to an invite-only Vision Awards LinkedIn Group, to be launched at the conclusion of the inaugural program.

This group, hosted by Architizer's Editorial Team, will provide a unique opportunity to connect with a talented community of architects, architectural journalists, artists, designers, photographers and other creators. Members will be the first to hear about networking and collaboration opportunities within the architecture and design industry, as well as being able to share their work with like-minded professionals around the globe.

Select Winners will also be invited to the digital stage for a special edition of Architizer Live. We'll celebrate the best in architectural representation, giving YOU the chance to tell your story and share your work with the world.